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Call it old-fashioned but we fall head over heels over a bag that has an old-school feel to it but still maintains its elegance and poise. This particular Hermes Herbag Zip Bag in Soft Brown gives us that nostalgic fashion feeling of the early 20’s and 30’s in a good way. Mind you, this bag is hard to find and is considered to be one of Hermes’s best sellers.

This Hermes bag beauty is all you’ll ever need if you need to accessorize your retro vintage outfit as it will match your 50‘s swing dress, 20’s flapper dress and your pin up girl mule heels. This brown bag is all you’ll ever need to complete that vintage look.

Made from silver plated palladium finish with Toile-Ofishie/ Vash Hunter leather, this bag is more than meets the eyes. If you look closer, you can notice that it has a subtle gusseted sides to maximize the bag space. For compartment fans, worry not for this bag features an outside place zipper pocket and a pochette inside to store your essentials.

Measuring 25.5 x 31 x 10 (H x W x D) cm, priced at ¥313200 JPY via Hermes boutiques.



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Zip, unzip – the Saint Laurent Classic Paris 10 Zip Flats are here to give you one of the most luxurious pieces of footwear you could ever have. Edgy, classic and totally stylish for everyday wear, these flats combine full-on functionality with comfort.

This model is a 100% goatskin classic Saint Laurent Ballerina shoe, with a leather insole which ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear for the coming years. As part of its sleek and modern design, it has three metal zippers across an elongated vamp and pointy toe. It has a super sexy design and shape, yet it still keeps you on the move as you go along your activities for the day. Atta, girl! Who says you can’t work in style? Don’t let the office drama kill your fashion buzz – trust Saint Laurent to show you the way.

Available in various sizes to choose from, you can get this pair of funky steppers for $895 USD or £505 GBP, via Saint Laurentonline boutique.


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