The MICHAEL Line by Michael Kors

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In 2004, Kors added the MICHAEL and KORS lines to his runway collections. While the KORS collection consisted of jeans and footwear, the MICHAEL line included women's shoes, handbags, and RTW apparel.

While some designs are simple, their styles are unmistakably elegant because of the way different materials and details are played. Designs can range from totes to satchels, purses to evening bags, and hobos to body bags. Designs commonly use a combination of a metal and a specific material such as leather. It has been proven as a very good design move since women from all over the world are now searching for the best Michael Kors bargains that they could find.


Shopping for a replica Michael Kors Bag

Shopping for a Michael Kors Bag can be done both online and in the actual boutiques. If you search on the Internet, there may be about hundreds of websites that allow you to purchase authentic Michael Kors bags with free shipping. There are also sites that tell you spot on that they are selling Michael Kors replicas. Many women who do not yet have the sufficient income to purchase designer bags are very much willing to pay for knockoffs and fake versions of their favorite designs. Some manufacturers copy the designs in order to make them available to women who are on a tight budget.

When shopping online, you just have to be careful about the claims of the website owners regarding the authenticity of the product. Some sellers make it a point to indicate whether a bag is a replica or not. However, there may be some websites who mislead buyers so it is always advised to be extra careful when shopping for Michael Kors replica.

In buying a Michael Kors replica, make sure that you thoroughly check the details. Even though they are knockoffs, there are some which are very well made. You may have to spend a bit more for them, but, in the long run, they will prove to be better options than the cheaper ones. Quality designer bag replicas prove that you can still go after the style and outfit that you want even without spending a fortune for it.


Benefits of Online Shopping

For the price of a few hundred dollars, it is not hard to find a lot of online shop that promises you all the quality that you look for when buying replica bags and other items. The steady progression of the online free market makes us all enjoy the wondrous of replica item shopping without having to go through all the stress and maximum effort when doing it in offline specialty stores. Online shopping for replica goodies are as easy as counting 1-2-3. Let your fingers and mouse do the talking and the haggling on prices and other fees. Search engines are there to guide you in finding your specific needs. Find a retailer or a wholesaler who is both trustworthy and efficient. Truly, shopping for replica bags, shoes and other fashion items are best done online.

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The Michael Kors Blake Satchel Bag Knows How To Make Any Girl Swoon

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Michael Kors Blake North South Crocodile Embossed Satchel.jpg

I’m rather disappointed in myself that it took me this long to write about one of my all-time favorite designers, Michael Kors. In my defense, I did write about a pair of fabulous Michael Kors Bromley Boots on our TalkShoes site not long ago. Admittedly, I got so sidetracked with other fabulous bags that I forgot to talk about one of my favorites, but how could you blame me? Since I started this internship, it’s become clear that the world of handbags is nearly endless, and sometimes deciding on a bag to write about is fairly time-consuming (but definitely worth the time). I hope this Michael Kors Blake Satchel Bag will make up for me not covering an amazing designer sooner.

The crocodile embossing and black-leather detailing are a sensational duo on this north-south satchel. The golden hardware throughout gives it a beautiful, polished finished, and how can we forget the iconic key and lock hardware? It’s what makes a Michael bag, a Michael bag. While bags similar to this one can be seen on many handbag lovers, no two bags ever look the same. There is always a change of some sort on each of his handbags, giving each bag a personal touch by Michael himself. My favorite aspect of this bag is its structure. It can be worn to the office, to class, or out on a date, essentially making it the perfect day-to-night handbag. I tend to gravitate to any Kors-related products because I know I will always find something I admire. and as a result, the compliments will always be rolling in my direction.

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11 perfect moments from Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2014

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Runway Moments at Michael Kors F/W 2013 (9)

Everyday I feel so thankful for being able to call what I do my job, and that goes double during Fashion Week. One of my favorite aspects is that Vlad and I are able to work together during fashion week, with me watching the shows so I can report and him photographing so we can tell the story the way we see it. Michael Kors always puts on a show, and this season was no different. With the theme of “bright lights, fast city,” the Michael Kors models took to the catwalk with a modern, glamorous attitude.

I want to share the story Michael Kors presented for his Fall 2014 collection with you in the best way possible: perfect moments captured by Vlad.

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Just Can’t Get Enough: Celebrities love the Michael Kors Miranda Bag

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Celebrities with the Michael Kors Miranda Tote

As I sit in my office with a beanie, sweater, boots, pants, and scarf on, I feel like Mother Nature is trying to trick me, even though I know spring is on its way. With the new season comes a fresh crop of bags that will help brighten your wardrobe and change the winter blues into something a bit more light and lovely. Michael Kors already has a major grasp on the handbag market, and what I love to see is the continued move towards creating beautiful bags. Earlier we told you the MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma bag is the best thing on the market under $400, and today I’m telling you that celebrities and yours truly alike are loving the Michael Kors Miranda Bag.

From Jessica Chastain, to Amy Adams, to Heidi Klum, to Zoe Saldana, to Karolina Kurkova, the Miranda bag from the Spring 2013 collection has been getting tons of love. It’s easy to see why; the shape is classic and has a little Celine-esque feel to it. What I like most is Michael’s ability to have his own take on the popular shape with a few highly noticeable MK touches. The inside is lined with suede and has three pockets while the outside features a functional tie closure detail. The leather options include natural grained leather, cracked leather, pebbled leather and metallics, and the bag comes in a variety of colors.

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JWoww leaves VH1 studios with a bright, studded MICHAEL Michael Kors tote

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J Woww carries a MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Studded Tote Bag in hot pink outside VH1 studios in NYC (5)

JWoww (of Jersey Shore and Snooki & JWoww fame) was recently photographed leaving VH1 Studios in NYC with a bubblegum pink, saffiano leather MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Studded Tote. While far more subdued versions of this bag exist, this colorway seems particularly JWoww-appropriate, does it not? If you have a similar weakness for gold hardware, studs and bright, bold hues, you can snatch up this bag in citrus yellow .

JWoww and Snooki have been hitting the late night talk show circuit pretty hard in the last month, and it does seem that both reality starlets are trying to gradually class up their looks and escape their notoriously tacky fashion past (while still remaining as busty as possible). I really like this MICHAEL Michael Kors bag, especially in a more neutral tone, but when JWoww and I share the same taste in bags, I start to question everything I know. What sayest thou, PB readers – is the Hamilton too flashy, or is it just the JWoww effect?

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Bag Deal of the Day: Michael Michael Kors Striped Saffiano-leather Pouch for $100

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Michael Michael Kors Striped Saffiano-leather Pouch

Glimpses of Spring have been shining through and because of this, my mind has drifted off to summer plans. I love a good nautical theme just like the next girl, and if you don’t want to get too kitschy, opt for stripes to show your preppy spring and summer spirit. I immediately got excited when I found this MICHAEL Michael Kors pouch, because not only does the clutch provide the nautical spin I’m craving, but it does it at a price that makes this quite the bag deal.

For $100, you can have this blue-and-white-striped saffiano leather pouch, which features internal pockets and card slots to make organizing easy. When it comes to spring and summer, our outfits entail wearing less clothes, and I find myself opting for smaller shoulder bags and clutches for day to day use. The saffiano leather will be easy to wipe down and keep clean – it’s super durable. The optional wrist strap makes this a great hands-free approach to any outfit.

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