Fendi: Refreshed Flagship Opens At Ngee Ann City

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Like all grand old dames, a tiny facelift is needed once in a while, and with the recently completed rejuvenation exercise at Fendi’s most well-known boutique in Singapore, #FendiNAC is ready to receive guests within a space that houses an extensive range of RTW, fine furs, handbags, shoes and accessories for the women, as well as a dedicated section just for the men that will showcase the season’s best bags, small leather goods and accessories.

Located at #01-30/32 (you won’t miss it as you approach it from the main atrium), the newly revamped flagship is inspired by the Maison’s Roman roots, with an emphasis on details prevalent throughout its elegantly appointed space. In other words, it’s so conducive and welcoming you’ll be lulled into staying for hours with lots and lots of shopping thrown in, of course.

What’s new at Fendi? Well, the boutique is currently offering most everything from the Fall 2017 collection, from smooth leather Mini Peekaboo bags adorned with leather flowers to a mini leather backpack that comes with its own floral ‘eyes’. Then there’s the metallic silver-striped Kan I that’s also Fendi’s bag-of-the-moment. For those who prefer something more classic, there are the special edition Peekaboo bags that come in limited quantities of just 3 to 5 pieces each (yes, each) that come in plush velvet bodies adorned with, you guessed it, even more flowers that are embroidered into the velvet.

Then there are the countless varieties of straps both long and short for you to dress up your bag (Strap You) to cute fur charms including those that come in shape of fruits, personalised alphabet pom poms and even the new ones that come with legs. In other words, you’ll be spoilt for choice if you’re intent on bringing something home in that signature yellow box. And if you’re going to shop anyway, why not head down to the new Fendi boutique stat?

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Spring-Summer Womens Fendi Ad Campaign


fendi_ss15-womens-ad-campaign1Lindsey Wixson with curly hair and Fendi’s By The Way adorned with a Mini Karlito.

fendi_ss15-womens-ad-campaign2Lindsey Wixson with curly hair using Fendi’s Micro Monster Baguette as sunglasses.

fendi_ss15-womens-ad-campaign3Lindsey Wixson with curly hair toting Fendi’s Peekaboo that’s adorned with a #SG50-worthy orchid-print. And the fact that red isn’t the main colour is a major bonus.

fendi_ss15-womens-ad-campaign4Lindsey Wixson with curly hair lying by the pool and clutching the 3Baguette where you’ll need to ‘twist’ the double-F clasp to open the bag.

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Fendi QuTweet Capsule Collection

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fendi_qutweet-capsule-collection1The easiest way to describe Fendi’s X’mas 2014 collection is to imagine Rio. Not Rio the city in Brazil, but Rio the movie that still is one of my favourite animated flicks to date. Called the Fendi QuTweet Capsule collection, it’s a fun collection that’s filled with colourful birds (much like Rio, no?) that come emblazoned on everything from bags to SLGs and accessories like scarves. There are even Bag Bugs that come looking like birds, completed with feather-looking fur.

fendi_qutweet-capsule-collection3No word yet on when they will actually be launched in Singapore, nor do I have their prices in SGD, so expect another update really soon. But for now, I’ll just leave you to enjoy the imagery, where you’ll see bags like the Petite2Jours and the DemiJours, and of course, everything else you’ll want for Christmas.

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Fendi has a limited edition, unique serial bags

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Recently, FENDI another new work, has launched a limited edition bag. Fendi located mainly in order to celebrate the shop reopened Landmark anniversary, the brand specially launched a series of exclusive fashion items for sale, including the brand’s first with the Bobcats fur (Lynx) made limited edition Mini Peekaboo handbags, and the use of black matte alligator designed limited edition “True BlaCK series” handbag, each have valuable collections.






FENDI bag has been popular, socialite Olivia Palermo has been its home fans who bag. This does not, will find every street shooting FENDI heroic, can be said that a lot of people’s favorite.



FENDI introduced two limited edition handbags
This is the Lynx fur made limited edition Mini Peekaboo handbag



FENDI introduced two limited edition handbags
Black matte alligator designed limited edition “True Black Series” handbag.


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Fendi Baguette handbags

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What this world package shall be like Fendi Baguette handbags as amazing infinity? In large bags shook the fashion world today, Fendi Baguette handbag so small and it is not easy to survive, many of which have become so women rush collections.
Fendi Baguette story
In 1997, the accessories director of Silvia Venturini Fendi Fendi was asked to design a unique balance of technology and simple handbag, and her response to it is extraordinary Baguette. Her maverick it made an unexpected success, this little guy is a woman who manpower in the European street, almost overnight became the most popular of the decade accessories, then enter the Chinese market, the first year on the world’s best selling one hundred thousand. Baguette plasticity like fashion, every quarter on the basis of changes in texture and decoration on the classic rectangular models. Its materials include alligator, lizard skin, marten skin, Mapi, coupled with beading and sequins and other accessories, it is indeed difficult to resist, it is no wonder that countless fans who. As time goes by the trend of the flushing and, Baguette increasingly showing signs of timeless fashion.
Baguette was not sold at first, thanks to the strong sponsorship Fendi “Sex and the City” TV series and soon hot, Baguette female audience also will be sought, a daughter of hard to find the time. In “Sex and the City” where, Carrie has been corrected to grab her bag thief said: “It’s not a bag, it’s a baguette.” Fully reflected, for fashionable people, including not only the package.
And the Fendi fashion show-cum-Bagurtte tenth anniversary in 2007, held on the Great Wall, squirrels ink bag face on both sides hanging with red spike Chinese Baguette it is absolutely the most striking image of a history.
It Bag with the other difference is that, Baguette design focus is not grandstanding and show off their wealth, but is regarded as clothing simple shapes. Baguette each section of the strap can be removed and used as a convenient hand bag, queen and king even with long shoulder strap Messenger. You can take it to match casual during the day, it can also be transformed evening bag. Takes all day and night versatility is definitely a new definition of luxury. Last year, Fendi Baguette modeled with, the use of rounded lines and vivid colors bright, launched the Be Baguette series, is still available worldwide.
[Demonstration] street shooting star
Sarah Jessica Parker carrying FENDI Sequin Baguette bag, add a lot of bright spots for the simple styling.
More succulent not old goddess Carina Lau, her own baguettes package to be not very gentile!
Huang brought Baguette 2014 to attend the brand new fur activities rather hit color bag body art
Fan Fan Fendi sequined goddess fresh hand carry bag elegant and generous
Supermodel cara delevingne leaving bright yellow Fendi new bag lovely
Los Angeles singer Rihanna with hand carry FF maxi Baguette.
Socialite Olivia Palermo fur hand Baguette 2014 new coming event, fur vest with each other
Actress Sharon Stone Baguette choose black sequined red carpet, filling low-key goddess Fan

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The Fendi Monster Face Print is very famous in Asia, especially in Japan. It moves you away from everything we are used to (you know, like single colored handbags) and place you on a world where everything imaginable is possible.

We’re spotting more designer handbags with playful ‘Monster Look’ designs lately. It’s just playful and fun.

But anyways, we want to introduce to you – the Fendi Roll Monster Face Shopping Bags.

Basically if the angry eyes and the mouth are removed, this is a simple Fendi Shopping Tote Bag with plenty of spaces in the interior.

It’s the bag for the shopping-spree days or even ideal for the holidays. It’s the bag that can be used as a beach bag to store towels, bottle of waters and other beach necessities inside.

The Monster Face shows that you can be playful and perhaps it will scare some people away that you don’t want to talk to. But it can also work the other way, it might be a great conversation starter.

The Fendi Roll Monster Face Shopping Bag is available in different colors, which one do you like more?

Measuring 11′ x 17.5′ x 5.5′ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $1208 USD or €950 euro via Luisa Via Roma.




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