Vivienne Tam Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week


Born in China, but having lived almost all her life in Hong Kong, Vivienne Tam’s style is strongly influence by Asian cultural traditions. Clear-cut lines, the use of traditional Chinese prints and bright color palette are what make Tam’s style distinctive and original. Even Vivienne Tam boutiques are decorated in Asian style with sculptures of dragons, ancient Chinese furniture and paintings. What can we say the Vivienne Tam spring/summer 2015 collection? Prints, prints and spring-ready prints again! It is said that the ornate treasures of the Ming and Qing dynasties that today are situated in the Forbidden Palace are what inspired Tam when creating this particular collection. So this time as well, Asian prints and embroidery were iconic for the designer’s collection.

Vivienne Tam Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - New York Fashion Week

To techno music blaring from the speakers the first Tam models one by one were appearing on the New York catwalk. The first few dresses were rather casual: all white with round necklines, embroidered shoulders and narrow diamond shaped cutouts up on the front. Then the outfits got more colorful and “printy”. High collar shirts striped with colorful vertical lines paired with high waisted skirts in planty-flowery print, lacey mini dresses with similar print, Bermuda shorts and half sleeve short jackets flooded the runway. Short pants in Gaucho style and mini skirts also come patched with graphic motifs. The silhouettes are straight, flared and sometimes even form-fitting.
The pieces bore prints of landscapes, birds perching on trees, flowers, plants and nature in general. This talked of spring so much! The black and white colors provided the main backdrop for these prints and made them more apparent and their role more vital. The last part of the show saw blue patterns over a white background, which, again, reminded us of Chinese Ming dynasty and china vases. Although the Vivienne Tam spring/summer 2015 collection had a historic feel in it, there was no single piece of clothing that looked antique or outdated. Everything was quite modern and stylish. As for people, who can wear Tam’s designs, we think they turn toward younger audience, although at timers we can find pieces suited for people of older age.

Vivienne Tam Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - New York Fashion Week

Vivienne Tam Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - New York Fashion Week

Vivienne Tam Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - New York Fashion Week
In terms of accessories, Tam offered unique long strap handbags and clutches. As for jewellery, we saw the models wearing Pandora bracelets.
After the show there was much discussion about the slick hair of Tam’s models. To us it was just plain cool, it was different and unique. Wearing sandals over socks is not something you see very often on fashion walks either. But that’s the thing about Vivienne Tam: the lady likes to surprise!
What we love about Ms. Tam’s style is her ability to keep everything to the point. The Vivienne Tam spring/summer 2015 collection did not lack anything, but it was not too try-hard either!

Vivienne Tam Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - New York Fashion Week

Vivienne Tam Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - New York Fashion Week

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Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week


The Alexander Wang spring/summer 2015 collection managed to thoroughly meet our expectations to see something wow-worthy, spectacular and one-of-a-kind, since as usual the designer combined the uncombinable, mixed the most clashing vibes and presented an obviously winning and powerful line of slick and glamorous clothing pieces. For his spring line, Wang found his inspiration in the sporty style, or sneakers more precisely, even though we never saw any tennis shoes and trainers, since the models walked down the catwalk wearing uber creative heeled sandals. He tried to explain his unique way of interpreting the love for sneakers in his clothing designs, stating, “They’re such an infatuation of my generation. But I wanted to reinterpret and manipulate the ideas and mix them with the cutting of Madame Grès and Fortuny.” This certainly worked and we couldn’t ask for a better and more creative line of to-die-for dresses, tops and trousers!

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - New York Fashion Week

Just like the nature of sneakers is, the Alexander Wang spring/summer 2015 collection was unbelievably easy-to-wear, comfortable and everyday-worthy. Still, it was the big proportions of chic and glamour that made these pieces so bedazzling. And despite the fact that the sporty style was behind these stunning creations, the pieces appeared to be surprisingly polished, sleek and compact. This spring, the designer has some really outstanding style suggestions both for the working class ladies and for those, striving so hard to stand out in the crowd while sporting an effortless style.
In terms of the color palette, the Alexander Wang spring/summer 2015 collection was more about saturated and dark hues, at times broken by the touches of white, pops of orange, green, eclectic blue and yellow. As for the prints used, they all reminded of sneakers, so there you couldn’t see any ordinary stripes, dots or animal prints, but rather motifs of lacing, zigzags and interwoven abstract patterns. Mesh inserts, delicate pleats and plissés, plastic-resembling leather details and just ideal tailoring are other details that secured the success of the Alexander Wang spring 2014 runway show.

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - New York Fashion Week

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - New York Fashion Week

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - New York Fashion Week
Black high-waisted satin trousers matched with curious crop tops and bodices, flirty yet strong mini dresses with flared and pleated skirts, body-con ones in bright hues, structural blazers and jackets, show-stopping tops featuring thematic prints and styles are some of the powerful says of Alexander Wang for this coming spring! The looks were finished off with sleek updos, minimal makeup the models wore, as well as creative heeled sandals and ones featuring mesh details. Some of the looks came also complemented with bags fusing black and white hues with slight touches of red.
With the Alexander Wang spring/summer 2015 collection Wang proved that it’s not important where your idea comes from, but rather how you manage to serve it to the public. We can rightly say he did it skillfully!

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - New York Fashion Week

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - New York Fashion Week

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View New York Fashion Week, Know Latest New 2015 Spring Trends


1 Best Spring 2015 Trends from New York Fashion Week 1

It is the time to view 2015 Spring/Summer Fashion show in New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. Here are latest new fashion trends from the runway. In the Latest Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, it is set a high bar for next year’s fashion, from colors, and shapes to shoes and embellishments.

From the biggest Spring 2015 Trends from New York Fashion Week, it is the latest collection of very beautiful and creates a very classic new inspiration, take a view and find out what influences will shape fashion in spring and summer in the year of 2015. Here we are make a collection of those stylish Best Spring 2015 Trends in color theme. Check out those images below and keep an eye on coming Spring.

1 2015-New-York-Fashion-Week 61 2015-Trends-from-New-York-Fashion-Week 51 Best-Spring-2015-Trends-from-New-York-Fashion-Week-Collection 41 New-York-Fashion-Week-2015 31 New-York-Fashion-Week-Spring-2015 21 New-York-Fashion-Week-Trends-2015 101 New-York-Fashion-Week-Trends-Spring-2015 91 Spring-2015-Trends-from-New-York-Fashion-Week 81 Trends-from-New-York-Fashion-Week 7

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Anya Hindmarch Introducing Mini-Mart in London



It appears that not only CHANEL is doing the ‘supermarket’ thing. Anya Hindmarch is following the same example, only in a smaller scale. Remember the boxes and bags inspired by food and cans? Well, you can expect something similar in Anya Hindmarch Mini Mart. If you are currently located in London, perhaps you want to take a visit. Just do not forget to use the basket.

It’s a small place, much simpler than Chanel supermarket concept. Actually instead of chic, Anya Hindmarch designed everything super cute, just like a mom and pop store. Exterior is painted in purple and you will bottles and cans painted in gold.


The special edition Anya Hindmarch Cereal Clutch Bags are being showcased, if you’ve forgotten about our review, you can re-read it here. This clutch might appear to be an ordinary Cereal box, the same you can buy in your supermarket, but we must not forget how super cute it actually is. It’s so tiny that it can fit in one hand. Love it.

A typical Anya Hindmarch design, a clutch bag with a smiley face. You can also get the limited edition tote bag in blue, with the face of Tony the Tiger. Check out all the images.








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Gucci Cosmetics Collection



Nowadays it’s rare that a designer brand doesn’t tap into the huge cosmetic market, Saint Laurent has been doing that for a long time, very successfully. That’s why next month (October 2014), Gucci will be launching their own make-up collection, but first they will be exclusively available across the UAE and Harvey Nichols. Of course (and we’re certain) we hope they will release them in other countries.

The vision of Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini, is very simple but unique – beauty and fashion are always connected to each other, one doesn’t exist with the other. They are important elements when it comes to the Gucci Runway Show, they are like accessories.

Take the first glimpse on this collection…



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Pedicure of the Week: 5 Polishes to Get Us Ready for Fall


POTW Feature Image

Sweater weather is here, and while I’m sitting in the office in my chunky sweater and flats, I still haven’t forgotten about my weekly pedicure. (It’s one of my small indulgences.) With the slight chill in the air, my toes may be covered for now, but that isn’t stopping me from wearing my favorite fall colors to start the season.

It’s time to put aside the neon colors and the sheer pinks for now and welcome the warmer hues. This fall, I want to wear everything from a deep royal blue to a muted orange; for my first fall pedicure, I think I’m going to try Essie’s Partner In Crime! Check out it and several other key fall shades below.

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