The Power Of Three: Trinity De Cartier

Author:fashion Posted:2017-2-13 15:10 Monday Categories:Jewelry & Watches


This ring’s unique (and often imitated) three interlocked bands, in rose, yellow, and white gold, intertwined so elegantly that wearing it on your finger is such a privilege. This ring has been around since 1924, no doubt an iconic ring piece from Cartier. And even though this is not the diamond studded kind, there’s something so special about it still, that makes that silent sophisticated look you might just be looking for.


They say there’s poetic meaning behind the colors. Pink for love, yellow for fidelity, and white for friendship. But symbolism aside, I like the fact that you can have one ring that blends into whatever other hardware you may have on your arm – whether it’s a watch, a bracelet, or a bag.


You won’t regret this classic that’s been around for almost century. Here’s hoping that if you treat it well enough that it lasts for the rest of your life time, and perhaps beyond.

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